Infused oils

330 ml

Fistral Sunset

Inspired by the hues of a Fistral sunset, this vibrant, mild oil is made with Sichuan Facing Heaven peppers and smoked garlic.


Garlic & Herb

With roasted garlic, oregano, thyme and rosemary, this oil is a classic accompaniment to pizza and salad!


Piri Piri

Popularised by the Portuguese, the African Piri Piri pepper is hot and full of flavour. Use sparingly with meats and seafood!


Barbeque & Fruit Sauce

250 ml

Mexican BBQ

This powerful barbecue potion is packed with flavour and delicious on burgers, in bacon sandwiches or with pulled pork. It can also be used as a sticky cook-in sauce, and it's great as pizza sauce!


Spiced Mango

Based on a classic Jamaican recipe, this mild, vibrant sauce is full of Scotch Bonnet flavour yet calmed by the sweet, smooth mango.  Awesome with smoked chicken!


Pepper Sauce

150 ml

Sharp & Mild

Made with long red chilli peppers, this classic American style vinegar chilli sauce is best combined with duck, pork, lamb and cheeses.


Hot & Tangy

Made from fresh Scotch Bonnets, this Caribbean style hot sauce is not for the timid! Add to curries, sauces and marinades or try it with Mac nā€™ Cheese for a classic taste of the Caribbean.


Smokey Garlic

This mild and diverse pepper sauce has a gentle smokiness and is naturally bursting with sweetness from fresh Italian vine tomatoes!


The Fiery Four

A collection of four insanely hot pepper sauces for the true chilli fanatic.
Please handle with extreme caution!

4 x 60 ml

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